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A Chef Prepping Ingredients In A Kitchen



When visiting your restaurant, great food and excellent service are the main concerns of your customers.  Lets keep it that way!


Black’s can help you eliminate pest threats quickly and quietly so your customers can focus on your strengths.

Food can mean many things for different people. For chefs, food can be an artistic manifestation. Food allows us to maintain health and vitality. Food can bring people together for celebration or in times distress. Regardless of individual belief, food is something that we all have in common and directly rely on for survival. Here at Black’s, we are honored to play such a vital role in the protection of food.


Whether you are managing a food delivery service or opening your own restaurant, Black’s has the knowledge and professionalism you need to keep your customers safe and your business running!


When we begin pest control for a food service, we frequent your place of business to inspect and gain control of any pest issues. Once control is established, we set up a regular inspection and service routine. This is typically a monthly or bi-monthly visit but varies depending on your specific pest control needs. To top it off, our staff has a strong working knowledge of local and national regulations to ensure our service is both legal and highly effective.

Some of our common service options include: Routine rodent control and elimination, service for organic facilities, ant control, fruit fly control, silverfish control and more!


Call our office today to set up a free consultation:



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