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Pest management can be a challenge in the industrial setting:  the abundance of food, water and shelter create conditions that allow pests to thrive.  Keeping your facility pest free and safe requires facility managers to be aware of these issues and have a plan to manage them; we can help!


Black’s Pest Services delivers superior pest control for food plants, manufacturing and warehousing and keeps accurate records to prove it.  We can help you pass demanding inspections from third-party audits such as AIB International, NSF Cook & Thurber, ASI and others.


Our service staff is highly trained and takes an industry-specific approach to your challenging pest conditions.

Besides routine service duties, our staff can provide you:

  • Pre-audit inspections and remediation advice

  • Client portal.  You can access our online pest control log book.

  • Fumigation services

  • Alternatives to fumigation (No-Fume™)

  • Documentation customized to your specific needs

  • Written pest-sanitation inspections with clear pest prevention advice

  • Green Pest Control Options

  • Pest exclusion - rodent proofing, bird netting, crack sealing

  • Bird and wildlife removal and prevention programs

  • Certified entomologist on staff

  • Personal training presentations for your staff on pest prevention, sanitation, and safety  

  • Quick emergency response & flexible scheduling

Using a Pest Management Professional 

Due to the complexity of the environment combined with regulatory requirements, it is imperative that your facility is under the care of a well-trained pest management professional (PMP).  Ideally, the PMP becomes a member of your team.


The PMP should have knowledge of the facilities practices, approved pesticides and sanitation programs.  The PMP should have access to all rooms during quarterly pest-sanitation inspections.  He or she should be aware of new pest control products or procedures and changes to the facility. Call Black's Pest Services to hire a pest management professional  today!



NPMA Guide to Pest Control for Food Plants: 

2016 Pest Management Standards 

Gateway to Government Food Safety Information:

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