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The Crawlspace Of A Home



Crawlspaces are often neglected until there is a problem.  Our service combines our expertise in mitigating pest issues with specialized repair and decontamination. 


  1. We remove rats, mice or other smaller pests causing damage.

  2. Broken building vents, cracks in the foundation and other pest entry points are repaired to prevent further damage.

  3. Debris, such as wood, trash, contaminated vapor barrier, and fallen insulation are removed.

  4. Dead animals, droppings, and animal nests are bagged and disposed of.

  5. Pipes, foundation footings, and HVAC lines are brushed to remove droppings, dirt, spiderwebs.

  6. The new vapor barrier plastic is installed.  The plastic is 6 mil thick and black to comply with building codes.  The vapor barrier is attached to the edges of the foundation with concrete pins or soil anchors.  Seams are either taped or glued so that the vapor barrier will not become displaced when service people access the crawlspace.

  7. The space is then deodorized with ozone, beneficial bacteria, or other material as needed.


Cost:  pricing varies depending on the square footage, the amount of damage and the accessibility for our staff.  Please call us for a free estimate.

Crawlspace after
Crawlspace before
Ground cover after
Ground cover during
Rat burrows before
Ground cover before
Crawlspace after
Crawlspace before
Broken vent after
Broken vent before
Work Examples


We repair broken crawlspace vents, add door sweeps, patch foundation cracks  and eliminate soil burrowing under foundations with galvanized steel screening, stainless steel wool specifically made to prevent rodent entry, specialized caulks and a number of other methods.


We remove dead animals from attics, crawlspaces and other areas.  The dead animal and contaminated surrounding media (insulation, vapor barrier etc..) is bagged and removed.  The space is deodorized. Rat, mouse, and other animal cleanup is preformed.  We can remove contaminated insulation, droppings, and nests from any part of a home.  We can make the space acceptable for other trades to complete work.

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