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House Mouse Outside On Gravel

Mouse Control


We have the know-how you need.


The first part of our service plan includes a careful inspection of your home.  Our technicians will ask about the presence of children and pets. Next, we will offer you a service plan based on your needs and the structure of your home.


One of the first things we do is seal the common entry points. If this isn’t done, the mice will often return. Most of our mouse control programs come with 3 free crawl space vent repairs.


Next, we place traps and bait where the offending mice frequent but where children and pets have no access. This might include the use of live catch traps, bait stations, snap traps and bait.


After the entry points are closed and the controls are set, we set a return date, usually about a week. During this second visit, we check our controls and adjust as necessary.


Q.  Can you perform this service without killing the mice?

A.  Yes, but it adds greatly to the cost and control is a little slower.

Q.  Can the service be done with all-natural products?

A.  Yes.

Q.  If a cat eats a mouse that has eaten the bait, will the cat die?

A.  No, there doesn’t appear to be secondary poisoning from the methods/materials we use for mouse control.  This is a subject that has been considered by the EPA.

Q.  Will the dead mice create an odor problem?

A.  No.   Mice mummify quickly and don’t typically create an odor problem.  Larger animals such as rats will.

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