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Mattress Without Bed Bugs


This pest, above all others seems to cause the greatest emotional reaction in the general public.  They are repulsive to be certain, but the amount of pesticides that are used to control them is also a concern.   Our bed bug program uses a highly effective combination of physical barriers and natural biopesticides.  

Bed Bugs are commonly found in beds or bed parts.  Other locations may include chairs, sofas and other furniture items with frequent human use.  Bed bugs can spread from homes to apartments, hotels, office buildings, and even public transit vehicles.  They are likely to be transported by used furniture, backpacks, and luggage as opposed to traveling directly on a person.  All they need to survive is routine human contact and shelter. 



At Black's we stay ahead of the game by experimenting with the latest products.  In the past, bed bugs have been extremely difficult to remove. People have resorted to burning furniture and even moving from their homes to escape bed bugs. 

We are bringing forward a new product called Aprehend.  Aprehend is a Biopesticide that uses an insect fugal disease to eliminate bed bugs.  Once a bed bug crosses the pesticide barrier, it returns to its nest with the fungal spores and contaminates the other living bed bugs.  To learn more about this product check out the link and video below.

Bed Bug Pesticide
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