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The Stinker

Updated: May 9, 2019

The B.M.S.B (Brown Marmorated Stink Bug)

We have had many calls regarding BMSB lately. This pest is large, brown, stinks, and can be extremely annoying. We continually explore ways to improve the safety and efficacy of our programs including BMSB treatments. Although this pest has presented a few challenges, we have developed an excellent control strategy.

Here are a few tips for controlling them on your own:

1. The best way to avoid these pests is to make sure your windows and doors seal tightly when closed. Keep your garage door closed when not in use.

2. Vacuum up the pests if they enter your home. Be certain to pay attention to the cracks around doors and windows. These pests may be seen all over the home once they enter, but they usually enter on the south side of your home where the sun exposure is strongest in the winter.

3. Try adding some glue board-style traps on a few of your windowsills.

What If I Can't Control It?

We have an excellent service program for this pest. For $190, we will treat around the exterior of your home’s window frames, doors, vents and other tactical entry points with an EPA approved residual material (it will last for at least a month) that will control the pest and aid in preventing entry. If the pests contact the material, they will perish in about 30 minutes.

In the event that some of the pests gain entry, we will place non-toxic glue traps in key locations around the inside of your home. We will return at no additional charge for 2 months in the case of persistent problems. Total elimination of this pest is difficult to achieve due to high populations outside and other reasons (they can fly in without contacting our controls for example), but our service will bring the level down too preserve your sanity.

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